Salute to the Real Heroes
30 March 2020
When public is running away from Corona virus they are moving forwards to face it and for the safety of mankind at large.
We salute to all doctors, medical staff, media persons, emergency service providers of our society who are constantly working who are working under threat for our safety.
Be positive in thought and Stay safe and Healthy.
A big salute to the medical soldiers and let us be indebted to them forever.
We r indebted to you and the whole doctor fraternity forever.
Let us fight it together. Stay safe and make others also safe.
World Theatre Day
27 March 2020
World Theatre Day was initiated in 1961 by International Theatre Institute (ITI). It is celebrated every year on 27 March by ITI Centres and the international theatre community. Various national and International theatre events are organized to mark this occasion.
Due to covid-19 outbreak, the ITI (International Theatre Institute) has decided to conduct the activities online.
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Guildlines for 21 Days Lock down
25 March 2020
Here are a few guidelines for 21 days lockdown
Please se safe...please stay at home.
International Day for Achievers
24 March 2020
International Day for Achievers is a day celebrated on 24 March every year that honors those who have achieved something in any field. It is a day that recognizes those who have set goals and displayed determination and confidence on their journey to achieve them. In particular, it honors those who have enhanced the lives of other humans. It is not a day to honor the powerful and famous, but a day to honor those who have really made an impact in making the world a better place. For example, common honorees are doctors, teachers, scientists, and conservationists. They may be honored by the organizations that they are a part of, and given cash, certificates, medals, or other types of awards. Students that have excelled may be honored as well.
The day was established because many of the honorees and their achievements would otherwise never be known or honored. It is a decentralized general day that can be celebrated by anyone. It gives fame and recognition to those who have achieved something, inspires others to set their sites for noble achievements, and shows that many causes are worth pursuing, even if they aren't necessarily for financial gain. It must be remembered that oftentimes those who have achieved something have had a mentor who has helped them along the way, and that achievers are everyday people who have just gone a little bit above and beyond.
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